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If you’re an iPhone user, you probably use it as at least one of your alarm clocks. I used it as my back-up alarm when I was waking up at 3:55 AM. My main alarm was a very harsh-sounding digital clock I bought at Target to ensure I never overslept. Now that I can sleep in until 6:00 AM, the iPhone is my only alarm.

The iPhone offers a lot of different alarm sounds and some are much more pleasing than others. For example, Apple’s default classic alarm ringtone has been described by people on TikTok as the “bells of hell,” but it will definitely wake you up. For the record, I’m a “Ripples” man.

Mashable ranked ten iPhone alarm tones, from worst to best, to help you find the optimal way of waking up. Let’s get the worst one out of the way first.

  • 10. Alarm (Classic)

  • 9. Opening

  • 8. Slow Rise

  • 7. Summit

  • 6. Twinkle

  • 5. Playtime

  • 4. Night Owl

  • 3. By The Seaside

  • 2. Silk

  • 1. Uplift