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Move over, Cadbury Creme Eggs. North Carolina’s own Krispy Kreme is rolling it out its own egg-shaped Easter treats. According to Foodsided, the doughnut chain is introducing special, limited-edition mini doughnuts especially for the holiday: Krispy Kreme Spring Minis.

The new lineup features the Mini Chocolate Egg Doughnut, Mini Cake Batter Egg Doughnut, Mini Strawberries & Kreme Egg Doughnut, and the Mini Chick Doughnut. These festive doughnuts come in a 16-count box and are available now for a limited time at participating Krispy Kreme locations. You can see descriptions below.

Krispy Kreme Spring Minis

  • Mini Cake Batter Egg Doughnut

    A sweet cake batter flavor in an unglazed egg-shaped shell.

  • Mini Chick Doughnut

    An unglazed shell filled with white Kreme, dipped in yellow icing, then half-dipped in sanding sugar, and decorated like a chick with orange, yellow, and chocolate icing.

  • Mini Chocolate Egg Doughnut

    Chocolate icing and chocolate Kreme inside in the shape of an egg.

  • Mini Strawberries & Kreme Egg Doughnut

    Strawberry icing, a white Kreme center, and pastel sequins also in an egg shape.