Did this Valentine’s Day leave you high and dry? Do you need a little action in your love life? No worries, we’ve got just the easiest cities you’ll want to visit if you’re looking to get laid.

But how do you determine which cities those are? Well according to Roadsnacks.com the best places to get laid have a lot of younger, single, successful people. They used the data U.S. Census including the following, to complete the study:

  • Number of bars per capita
  • Population density
  • % of people who are single
  • Average age of a population
  • How successful a population is
  • Number of colleges nearby

The 300 most populated cities were the only ones considered for this study. And with that information, these were the top 10 easiest cities to bet laid in America

  • 1. Boston, MA

  • 2. Washington, DC

  • 3. Clearwater, FL

  • 4. Hartford, CT

  • 5. New Haven, CT

  • 6. Cambridge, MA

  • 7. Pasadena, CA

  • 8. Berkeley, CA

  • 9. Baltimore, MD

  • 10. Syracuse, NY