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Are you a germaphobe? I know I am. When it comes to my home, my car, or even my office I prefer everything to be nice, neat, and clean! But, there are tons of people who are not quite as crazy clean as I am. Those are the people that tend to stress me out the most. It’s pretty hard to function in a messy, dirty environment for me. America may be beautiful, but we have a few gross areas within as well. Not everywhere is as quite beautiful as we would hope.

Zippia knows how clean and dirty the country can be all at once. Especially as summer gets closer, that hot air is going to have all the stinky stench hanging around the air. Well, where are the grossest places in America? Sadly, the Carolinas both made the top 10 list for grossest states in America. The states were determined based on dirty air, trash, and the spread of illnesses like the flu. Check out the top 5 below and see what states are all quite a yuck! Check out the full list here to see all of the grossest and cleanest states within America.

  • 5. Texas

    Coming in at No. 5 is the state of Texas. Texas is pretty big and home to thousands of people, so I can honestly see how they may have gotten on this list. The state is the worst for the spreading of diseases such as the flu. It is kind of gross to be known as the state that passes around the flu like clockwork.

  • 4. Pennsylvania

    Well, looks like we’re off to Pennsylvania! According to the report, 0.0191% of the state is used to house trash in the landfills. As small as that percentage is, that is still quite a bit of trash that is just sitting right there in the state. Can you guess how those landfills probably smell?

  • 3. North Carolina

    Here we are, the Tar Heel state is coming in as the No. 3 grossest state there is in the United States. How gross is that? The air quality here is pretty mediocre causing some of the stench and grossness that we have accumulated to make this list.

  • 2. South Carolina

    Our Carolina neighbor is coming in at No. 2 for the grossest state in the country. South Carolina and North Carolina are pretty similar with having mediocore air quality throughout the state. South Carolina also has more trash than other states within the country causing it to have such a high raking of grossness.

  • 1. Virginia

    The grossest state in the country has been deemed as Virginia. Guess this little eastern region is pretty gross since it’s so many of us in this top 5 list. The state has horrible air quality and apparently their love fro Crocs seems to be part of the reason for its grossness. Hmmm?

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