Don’t you just love when you are driving and see those welcome signs into states? Nothing like a summer road trip to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family. Summer is the best time to hit the road and check some places off that bucket list. It’s your chance to feel that summer breeze, listen to good music, and play fun road trip games. Sightsee across some of your favorite states both near and far!

Wallet Hub curated a great list of the best and worst states to take a summer road trip this year. Of course, North Carolina made the list. Are you surprised? Wallet Hub compared all 50 states and key factors to determine the most fun, scenic, and affordable states to visit on a road trip. After the pandemic and current inflation, road trips are some of the best ways to still experience a nice vacation with your favorite people. So load up the car and hit the road! It’s time to see what states fall into the top 15 best states for a summer road trip.