April 7th is National Beer Day! Which if you’re a beer lover or casual beer drinker is reason enough to celebrate. So celebrate we will! I wouldn’t classify myself as a beer lover by any means, but it is my go-to before football games and at outdoor concerts, in the summer you’ll usually find me with a Corona. Take me to a brewery though and I honestly never have any idea what to order. So while our friends at BetCarolina ranked the best states for beer lovers, I don’t fit that category. But if you are reading this then chances are you do! And the good news is that North Carolina ranked in the top 10 states for beer lovers.

The rankings take into account quality, quantity, and affordability. NC’s highest score came in the affordability category. Here’s exactly how BetCarolina calucated these rankings, they “utilized BeerAdvocate.com to get the average rating of beers brewed in the state (ratings given out of 5), BrewersAssociation.org to get the amount of breweries per capita (per 100,000 residents) and MakeBeerEasy.com for the average price of a 24-pack per state. Once acquiring that information, we averaged out the ranking of the states to get our final rankings.”

They ranked all 50 states but below you’ll find the top 13. You can read the full study here. Cheers and Happy National Beer Day beer lovers! Celebrate accordingly.

  • 13. Massachusetts


    Quality Ranking: 1

    Quantity Ranking: 27

    Affordability Ranking: 25

    Total Average: 17.6


  • 12. (TIE) Vermont


    Quality Ranking: 6

    Quantity Ranking: 1

    Affordability Ranking: 45

    Total Average: 17.3


  • 12. (TIE) Virginia


    Quality Ranking: 25

    Quantity Ranking: 17

    Affordability Ranking: 10

    Total Average: 17.3


  • 10. Minnesota


    Quality Ranking: 16

    Quantity Ranking: 14

    Affordability Ranking: 19

    Total Average: 16.3


  • 8. (TIE) Rhode Island

    Rhode Island

    Quality Ranking: 22

    Quantity Ranking: 22

    Affordability Ranking: 4

    Total Average: 16


  • 8. (TIE) North Carolina


    Quality Ranking: 23

    Quantity Ranking: 18

    Affordability Ranking: 7

    Total Average: 16


  • 6. (TIE) Indiana



    Quality Ranking: 8

    Quantity Ranking: 26

    Affordability Ranking: 11

    Total Average: 15


  • 6. (TIE) New York

    New York

    Quality Ranking: 12

    Quantity Ranking: 30

    Affordability Ranking: 3

    Total Average: 15


  • 5. Missouri


    Quality Ranking: 4

    Quantity Ranking: 28

    Affordability Ranking: 12

    Total Average: 14.6


  • 4. Colorado


    Quality Ranking: 15

    Quantity Ranking: 6

    Affordability Ranking: 21

    Total Average: 14


  • 3. Illinois


    Quality Ranking: 7

    Quantity Ranking: 32

    Affordability Ranking: 1

    Total Average: 13.3


  • 2. Iowa


    Quality Ranking: 2

    Quantity Ranking: 19

    Affordability Ranking: 15

    Total Average: 12


  • 1. Michigan


    Quality Ranking: 11

    Quantity Ranking: 13

    Affordability Ranking: 6

    Total Average: 10


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