Are you superstitious? This week is Friday the 13th and that can make some individuals a little on edge. After all, luck can be a tricky subject to understand. The Oxford Dictionary describes luck as “success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.”  Everyone experience a bit of good and bad luck from time to time. Though there is no definitive way to determine how to create it. But could location play a part in it? And how unlucky is the state where you live? A study by our friends at FloridaBet.com reveals the unluckiest states in the country based on statistics from this past year.

The good news, North Carolina is not the worst. But we are in the top percentage so if you want to stay home and refuse to leave the house on Friday, I give you permission. The guys over at FloridaBet.com have analyzed several factors, including life expectancy, divorce rates, disaster declarations, and many more. The unluckiest state is said to be Florida. And no disrespect to our Florida friends, but I get it. Every crazy news story you see and hear seems to come from the Sunshine State. Plus all those swampy reptiles, hurricanes, and crazy tourists can pose a threat. 

Do you believe in luck or misfortune? What are you going to do to ward off the negative energy this Friday the 13th? Keep reading to see the Top 15 unluckiest states in the country. 


  • 1. Florida


    Lightning Fatalities: 519

    Powerball Winners: 16

    Disaster Declarations: 166

    Accident Mortality: 67.7

    Divorce Rate at 30: 13%

  • 2. West VIrginia



    West Virginia

    Lightning Fatalities: 26

    Powerball Winners: 9

    Disaster Declarations: 75

    Accident Mortality: 122.2

    Divorce Rate at 30: 13.2%

  • 3. Oklahoma


    Lightning Fatalities: 100

    Powerball Winners: 4

    Disaster Declarations: 217

    Accident Mortality: 62

    Divorce Rate at 30: 13.1%

  • 4. Tennessee


    Lightning Fatalities: 144

    Powerball Winners: 7

    Disaster Declarations: 82

    Accident Mortality: 86.5

    Divorce Rate at 30: 12.2%

  • 5. Arkansas


    Lightning Fatalities: 128

    Powerball Winners: 1

    Disaster Declarations: 79

    Accident Mortality: 58

    Divorce Rate at 30: 12.9%

  • 6. Mississippi


    Lightning Fatalities: 109

    Powerball Winners: 0

    Disaster Declarations: 90

    Accident Mortality: 73

    Divorce Rate at 30: 11.5%

  • 7. Kentucky


    Louisville, Kentucky, USA skyline on the river.

    Lightning Fatalities: 99

    Powerball Winners: 18

    Disaster Declarations: 85

    Accident Mortality: 87.5

    Divorce Rate at 30: 13%

  • 8. Alabama


    Lightning Fatalities: 125

    Powerball Winners: 0

    Disaster Declarations: 99

    Accident Mortality: 59.6

    Divorce Rate at 30: 12.2%

  • 9. New Mexico

    Albuquerque, NM

    Hot air balloons drifting over the Rio Grande river in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

    Lightning Fatalities: 93

    Powerball Winners: 5

    Disaster Declarations: 103

    Accident Mortality: 85.5

    Divorce Rate at 30: 13.3%

  • 10. Vermont


    Lightning Fatalities: 16

    Powerball Winners: 1

    Disaster Declarations: 52

    Accident Mortality: 67.1

    Divorce Rate at 30: 12.5%

  • 11. North Carolina


    Lightning Fatalities: 205

    Powerball Winners: 6

    Disaster Declarations: 73

    Accident Mortality: 67.1

    Divorce Rate at 30: 10.7%

  • 12. Maine


    Portland, Maine, USA coastal townscape on Portland Harbor.

    Lightning Fatalities: 27

    Powerball Winners: 0

    Disaster Declarations: 62

    Accident Mortality: 76.9

    Divorce Rate at 30: 13.9%

  • 13. Louisiana


    Louisiana stateline sign

    Lightning Fatalities: 147

    Powerball Winners: 17

    Disaster Declarations: 101

    Accident Mortality: 79.4

    Divorce Rate at 30: 11.6%

  • 14.Texas


    Lightning Fatalities: 233

    Powerball Winners: 2

    Disaster Declarations: 365

    Accident Mortality: 44.2

    Divorce Rate at 30: 10.5%

  • 15. Washington


    Panoramic view of Seattle cityscape and Space Needle at sunset, Washington, USA

    Lightning Fatalities: 5

    Powerball Winners: 1

    Disaster Declarations: 189

    Accident Mortality: 51.3

    Divorce Rate at 30: 11.5%

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