The cheesecake ice cream with strawberries and cookie dough is great! You can make whatever strawberry combination you like at this ice cream establishment. This is a stock photo. Not from the establishment.

We all know and love some of our favorite ice cream spots to enjoy on a warm day. Ice cream is defined by Merriam-Webster as a sweet flavored frozen food containing cream or butterfat and usually eggs. But have you ever wondered where the best ice cream spot in North Carolina is?

We have discussed ice cream spots to try in Charlotte, but what about all of North Carolina? Or maybe even the best in South Carolina? There are so many ice cream spots to break down, but Food and Wine went and did just that. Thanks to Food and Wine, we are able to learn about the best ice cream in North Carolina.

The list includes the best spots in every state and we decided to bring to you a few states surrounding North Carolina for you to enjoy this summer during vacation. From mega scoops to hand-churned spots, you will enjoy every scoop in every state this year. For the full list with every state, click here.