People want to travel to these places the most, according to Pinterest. North Carolina is one of the most popular destinations on the list. These are the most popular road trips according to Pinterest data from UK vehicle leasing company, Nationwide Vehicle Contracts.

Here are some of the most picturesque moments you can experience on road trips around the world. These are the top 15 places you can take your own road trip to.

  • 1. Route 66

    Located in the great United States. The most searched route on Pinterest each month is Route 66, which connects the east and west coasts. With amazing views and spectacular spots along the 2,400-mile route, it’s no wonder that this iconic road trip is so popular. Originally, the road was used by migrant workers migrating west, especially during the Dust Bowl. Pinterest users search for Route 66 49,500 times on average each month. Definitely on many people’s bucket lists!

  • 2. Badlands National Park

    There is no wonder that Badlands National Park, home to iconic monuments like Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial, and Deadwood, is the second most searched for a road trip on Pinterest. It receives an average of 14,300 searches each month. It is recommended that travelers get out their traditional road maps before heading out on the roads in the national park, because GPS signals may weaken as you travel deeper into the park.

  • 3. Cheddar Gorge

    Average Pinterest Search Volume per month: 14,170

  • 4. The Road to Hana

    Maui’s Road to Hana is a stunning road trip through its beautiful countryside. Not only does this road trip offer stunning views, but it also has a rich history and culture. Due to the influx of tourists in Maui since its reopening, it is recommended that you book a ‘Road to Hana’ tour, where guides can safely show you the sights of interest. Approximately 9,760 people search for the road trip on Pinterest each month to see what they can expect to see on their bucket list journey!

  • 5. Great Ocean Road

  • 6. North Coast 500

    Average Pinterest Search Volume per month: 6,410

  • 7. Columbia River Gorge

  • 8. Cabot Trail

    Average Pinterest Search Volume per month: 3,700

  • 9. Iceland Ring Road

  • 10. Skeleton Coast

    Average Pinterest Search Volume per month: 1,130

  • 11. North York Moors National Park

  • 12. Karakoram Highway

    Average Pinterest Search Volume per month: 670

  • 13. Great Smoky National Park

    The Great Smoky National Park is the 13th most popular road trip and is known for its diverse range of plants and animals as well as its beautiful views of ancient mountains. It is located in western North Carolina and Tennessee. It’s beautiful all year round, but in Autumn, the mountains produce a breathtaking display of colors for drivers. According to Pinterest, Route 89 is the 16th most popular road trip. From the border of Canada to Mexico, it’s America’s most scenic road trip. Travelers will visit seven national parks, fourteen national monuments, and three heritage sites on this road trip. We recommend that you give yourself three to four weeks to complete the journey and enjoy everything along the way.

  • 14. Taman Peninsula

    Average Pinterest Search Volume per month: 400

  • 15. San Juan Skyway

  • Five Essential Tips on how You Can Prepare for a Long Road Trip!

  • Get Some Rest

    Driving requires a great deal of concentration, especially if you’re traveling on unfamiliar roads. Ensure you get a good night’s sleep the night before your road trip so you wake up feeling refreshed and ready. 

  • Have Some Spare Change On You

    It is not uncommon to come across a toll bridge or road when traveling long distances. If you want to park along your road trip, you can easily pay for any parking charges by having spare change.

  • Check your Vehicle Before you Start Driving

    You should always perform a full vehicle check before any long drive, to make sure your vehicle is ready to handle long hours of driving along different roads. Here are a few things to check before you go: 

    • Tire pressure and tread depth
    • Check the windshield wipers
    • Check the level of oil
    • Headlights
    • Engine coolant
    • Fuel level

    It may also be a good idea to get your car serviced before you set off on your trip, so a mechanic can check for any faults that may arise after you leave. 

  • Pack the Essentials

    You will spend a lot of time in your vehicle, so make sure you have everything you need. Don’t forget to pack comfort items as well! You should also pack blankets, pillows, snacks, and even games, in addition to a first-aid kit and items you may need if the vehicle breaks down. When you’re not even halfway through your trip, you don’t want to be bored, uncomfortable, and hungry!

  • Have All Your Important Documentations

    Traveling across a country or border requires you to have all the necessary documentation when you get to checkpoints or border controls. Prepare a folder that contains all your travel documents. In this way, you will have less time spent waiting in lines and queues. If you are traveling in remote areas, it is also a good idea to keep all your email booking references together and downloaded onto your mobile device, as the signal could be poor. If you lose your mobile device, someone else will have these documents at their disposal!

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