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First dates can be uncomfortable and nerve-wracking, but if you get lucky and things click, you could actually have a good time. Of course, where you go on your first date can also make it or break it.

According to Metro, a new survey asked 11,000 people in the UK to name the worst places to go on a first date, and some surprisingly common date locations were mentioned. Going to the movies tops the list. That makes sense. You can’t really talk and get to know one another in a movie theater, unless you want to be shushed repeatedly by the rest of the audience.

Coming in at #2 is McDonald’s, which probably won’t impress your date as much as a higher end restaurant. That’s followed by staying home and going to a parent’s house, both of which also rank very high on the creepiness scale. Check out the rest of the list below.

10 Worst Places For A First Date

  • 1. Going to the movies

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    You can’t really talk and get to know one another in a movie theater, unless you want to be shushed repeatedly by the rest of the audience.

  • 2. McDonald’s

    McDonald's Posts Strong Quarterly Earnings

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    Mickey D’s is great but going there on a first date doesn’t indicate much planning or effort. Your date would likely be more impressed with a higher end restaurant.

  • 3. Staying home

    Amityville Horror House

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    You just met! A first date should be on neutral ground.

  • 4. Going to a parent’s house

    Publicity Stills Of "Meet The Parents"

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    YIKES! This might be creepier than #3.

  • 5. Visiting a restaurant

    Couple in restaurant

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    This one I don’t get. A restaurant is a great place for a first date. Then again, it might depend on the cuisine. Don’t go for anything too exotic, spicy, or messy your first time out together.

  • 6. Going to a Pub/Bar

    Sports bar

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    As with restaurants, it depends on the bar. A quiet, intimate place is far better for a first date than a raucous sports bar full of bros. Also, you don’t want to drink too much when you’re just getting to know each another.

  • 7. Swimming

    swimming pool

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    Bathing suits on a first date? Probably not.

  • 8. Watching a sporting event

    Couple at basketball game

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    Unless you’re both really into the game or sport, this is probably just as bad as going to the movies. Yes, you can talk but it’s going to be loud in the venue. Plus, what if the “Kiss Cam” finds you? Awkward…

  • 9. Attending a funeral


    (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

    WTF!?! How is this not at the top of the list?

  • 10. Going to the park

    Couple in park

    (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

    How bad are the parks in your town if you think this is worse than going to a funeral on a first date? If the weather is nice, a walk in the park could be a great way to begin a relationship.

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