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What would you do if you had a winning lottery ticket? I don’t mean just any lottery ticket. I’m talking huge, life-changing, multi-millon-dollar jackpot money. How would your life change?

A new survey by Play Pennsylvania looked at all things lottery and found that only 1% of players do so daily. It also showed that most people (83%) would keep it hush-hush if they won the lottery. Definitely a good idea. Who needs a bunch of “long-lost cousins” coming out of the woodwork? Then again, 88% of respondents said they would donate money to charity or relatives in need. Nice.

Surprisingly, only 10% of people said they would quit their job on the spot. Two-percent said they would leave their partner. Ouch. And as far as purchases with those lottery winnings, the top three were New Home, Trip, and Car. But those are short-term changes. What about the big picture? Here are the top five things people said they would do after they won the lottery:

  • 1. Travel The World


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  • 2. Pay Off Debt

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  • 3. Become An Artist

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  • 4. Write A Book

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  • 5. Play Video Games Full Time

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