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The ’80s were a transformative time for music from the launch of MTV to seeing the rise of pop and rock icons like Madonna, Michael Jackson, U2, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, and many more. With the 80 Essential Hits from the ’80s, we explored some of the biggest songs from the aforementioned artists. We asked you to vote for your top five favorites and now the top 80 songs ranked are complete.

Take a look at the decade’s biggest one-hit wonders, greatest duets, and collaborations ordered from 80 all the way to the number 1 hit!

  • 80.

    ‘Addicted To Love’ – Robert Palmer
    Robert Palmer had been making albums for a decade when he released “Addicted To Love,” which quickly became his biggest hit. And yeah, the instantly iconic video had a lot to do with that: MTV couldn’t get enough of it. But it’s also an insanely catchy song, and you’ll note that it sounds great on the radio, even without the visuals. Fun fact: the guitars on the album came courtesy of two big-name six-stringers: Palmer’s Power Station bandmate, Andy Taylor of Duran Duran and Eddie Martinez, the guy who played the metal guitars on Run-D.M.C.’s “Rock Box.” (BI)

  • 79.