There were 293227 passports issued in North Carolina in 2022. And in the entirety of the United States? Nearly 12 million passports were issued. That’s a lot of demand for international travel. And I was one of those people. And I believe it because trying to make an appointment was crazy! In fact, I had to drive an hour to Maiden, NC, and pay rush shipping, and for the passport to be expedited. It was well worth it though! This surge in passports can be attributed to the fact that many people felt comfortable traveling for the first time in a few years. Also, that restrictions were eased to get in and out of countries. So where were all these people going? Our friends at found out. They set out to find the most popular international and domestic travel destinations from each state including from South Carolina.

They analyzed search data using Google Keyword Planner to see what international destinations were the most searched-for flights among prospective travelers. And you may be surprised at the most popular destinations that South Carolinians are traveling to. You’ll find information not just on international destinations but also domestic ones as well. I agree with a lot of the choices, though some of them I wouldn’t have expected. Though I paid enough for that passport I need to book another trip to get some use of it. Catch me jet-setting here soon! You can read the full study and methodology here or keep reading to see the most popular international and domestic travel destinations from South Carolina and the entirety of the United States.

  • Most Popular International Flight Searches

  • 1. Italy

    It’s hard to pick my top international travel dream. But Italy is near the top of that list. South Carolina, you have good taste. If anyone needs a companion for their trip hit me up!

  • 2. Greece

    Greece would certainly be my pick of these three destinations. It’s rich in culture, and those views of the Mediterranean Sea I would imagine they are to die for. They’d certainly be worth the 11+ hour flight.

  • 3. Germany

    Truly any European destination is my dream, but these pictures may have just bumped Germany up on the list. Oktoberfest anyone? I’ll be the annoying tourist who can’t communicate with anyone else.

  • Most Popular Domestic Flight Searches

  • 1. Michigan


    Who knew Michigan was such a travel hotspot? The rest of the cities included in NC’s top 5 makes sense to me. This one leaves me scratching my head a little. But AirportParkingReservations says that “Michigan is known for incredible hiking, fishing, and water activities”. Have fun guys I think I’m skipping out on this one at least til I check some other states off of my bucket list first.

  • 2. New York

    Between travel for vacation, work, and visiting family New York is a predictable destination to end up on this list. In fact, I was probably one of these searches as I flew from NC to NYC this fall. Just New York City alone is home to world class entertainment, shopping, dining, and of course everything Christmas in the city has to offer. Many people also fly to other areas of New York including Buffalo and Syracuse.

  • 3. Hawaii

    If you offered me a free domestic flight to anywhere right now, I wouldn’t think twice before choosing Hawaii. The world class beaches and hotels combined with rainforests and volcanos? Count me in. This lush tropical paradise is always a top travel destination so it’s no wonder North Carolinians are searching for flights there!

  • 4. Colorado

    I certainly understand Colorado making this list. Whether in the winter to indulge in all the winter sports you can handle, to catch a summer show at Red Rocks, or to explore the beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado is a fantastic place to visit.

  • 5. Florida

    Florida was tons for visitors to do from it’s Atlantic and Gulf beaches, to theme parks, and nightlife. And it’s such an easy flight from North Carolina.

  • Most Popular International Flight Searches In The Entire US

    1. Japan (TIE)

    1. Mexico (TIE)

    3. Italy

    4. Greece

    5. India

  • Most Popular International Flight Searches By Number Of States

    Japan (18)

    Italy (18)

    Greece (8)

    Ireland (4)

    India (1)

    Australia (1)

    **These are the number of states that had the respective country as their top searched destination**

  • Most Popular Domestic Flight Searches Across The US

    1. Michigan (TIE)

    1. Hawaii (TIE)

    3. New York

    4. Florida

    5. Pennsylvania

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