When you think of TV Shows filmed in North Carolina what is the first show that comes to your mind? A few years ago there actually a large number of shows filmed here due to tax breaks offered to the film industry. Those tax breaks have since ended and the filming packed up to relocate elsewhere. But we aren’t simply talking about shows that were filmed in North Carolina, in fact, some of the ones on this list weren’t filmed here at all. What they do have in common, is they were set in NC. Our friends at BetCarolina conducted research and shared it with us, about the best the North Carolina TV Show of all time.

How did they come up with this list? Well, they first consulted Wikipedia’s “Television Shows Set In North Carolina” page as a starting point. That’s where the studied shows came from. From there, they created a “weighted scoring system”. This system used IMBD ratings, Rotten Tomatoes Scores from audiences and critics, as well as awards show recognition.

So while you’re favorite set in North Carolina TV Show may have made the list perhaps it didn’t rank as high as you think it should. One wildly popular show actually came in 10th on this list. And it’s one I know many many people who are die-hard fans of to this day. It ranked below several shows I’d never heard of. Although full disclosure I don’t think I’ve ever seen an episode of any show on this list. Judge me all you want. So for that reason I will spare you my uneducated opinion on the topic.

Want to read more about the methodology? You can read the full study from BetCarolina here. Or keep reading to see the 10 Best North Carolina Tv Shows.

  • 10. One Tree Hill

    Total Points: 72.5

    While I’ve never actually watched this show (I know I know) I have friends who were obsessed with it. In my opinion, it’s the show most synonymous with North Carolina so seeing it only ranked tenth has me scratching my head. The show aired from 2003-2012 and took place in the fictional town of Tree Hill, NC. It was filmed in the Wilmington area of the state.

  • 9. Outer Banks

    Total Points: 73.7

    This Netflix series is currently on its sixth season. It’s received some criticism for its wildly inaccurate depictions of North Carolina including the idea of taking a ferry to Chapel Hill and a rocky coastline.

  • 8. One Big Happy Family

    Total Points: 78

    If you’ve never heard of this one you’re not alone. One Big Happy Family was a TLC reality show that first premiered in 2009. It followed a family from Indian Trail on their journey to lose weight.

  • 7. American Horror Story- Roanoke

    Total Points: 79.7

    American Horror Story Roanoke was the sixth season of the FX tv show. The season was subtitled Roanoke and follows supernatural experiences around a North Carolina haunted house. 

  • 6. Delilah

    Total Points: 80.3

    Delilah was a show on Oprah’s OWN Network that aired for just 8 episodes in 2021. It was about a lawyer who had given up her career to raise her children, and her later return to practice. The show was canceled in early 2022.

  • 5. My Brother And Me

    Total Score: 82

    My Brother and Me was a Nickelodeon show that ran in 1994-1995. The show was about the Parkers, a family living on the west side of Charlotte, North Carolina

  • 4. The Carmichael Show

    Total Score: 85

    The Carmichael Show was an NBC Sitcom that aired from 2015-2017. It was set in Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • 3. Eastbound & Down

    Total Score: 87.7

    Eastbound & Down was a sports comedy on HBO.  It starred Danny McBride as Kenny Powers, a former professional baseball pitcher who had to return to his hometown school in Shelby, North Carolina, as a substitute PE teacher.

  • 2. At Home With Amy Sedaris

    Total Score: 90.3

    In this 3 season TruTV show that premiered in 2017, Actress and comedian Amy Sedaris opens her “home” to viewers. The show features her using her homemaking “skills” and educating viewers.

  • 1. The Andy Griffith Show

    Total Score: 107

    The Andy Griffith Show is the classic North Carolina show. It takes place in Mayberry, which was based on Mt. Airy. You can still watch reruns to this day and people travel to see the real-life Mayberry.

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