NEW YORK - APRIL 23: (U.S. TABS AND HOLLYWOOD REPORTER OUT) Comedian/writer Tina Fey and actress Lindsay Lohan attend a private screening of "Mean Girls" on April 23, 2004 at Loews Lincoln Square Theater, in New York City. (Photo by Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images)

It’s October 3rd aka a national holiday-Mean Girls Day! Because, if you’re a fan of the movie you know that on October 3rd Aaron Samuels asked Cady Heron what day it was. And the rest is history. It’s one of the most beloved, and quotable films of all time. The movie was released on April 4th, 2004, and is still a cultural phenomenon to this day. The film starred an A list cast including Lindsey Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Tina Fey, Amy Pohler, and Amanda Seyfried among others. It’s the perfect capsule of early 2000s culture and fashion, some of which is making a comeback in 2023. Think Juicy Couture, pink mini skirts, and more.

The story of high school cliques and experiences can be relevant to any generation. The screenplay was written by Fey and Pohler and based loosely on the book Queen Bees and Wannabes by Rosalind Wiseman, though in a much more comedic fashion. It’s stood the test of time, even becoming a Broadway musical. But it’s the quotes that truly make Mean Girls, Mean Girls. At this point I could probably quote the entire movie. So choosing just 9 of the most quotable moments was tough for me. But I think these are certainly some of the most memorable moments from the beloved film.

So happy Mean Girls Day to all who celebrate. Enjoy the (in my humble opinion) 9 most quotable Mean Girls moments. Have a favorite one I missed? Let me know on Instagram @mkday01.

  • It's October 3rd

    On, October 3rd he asked me what day it was. And on October 3rd we celebrate the budding romance of Cady Heron and Aaron Samuels.

  • On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

    The rule to live by. Not that I need an excuse or reason to wear pink.

  • She Doesn't Even Go Here

    Oh, I use this one often. Damian for the win.

  • That's The Ugliest F'ing Skirt I've Ever Seen

    Backhanded compliments are a Regina George staple. And complementing something only to then talk bad about it, it is what it is. Luckily *spoiler alert* she does grow throughout the film.

  • Don't Have Sex

    Oh, Coach Carr. Did he try? Maybe? One thing is for sure he makes terrible decisions and doesn’t take his own advice.

  • That’s Why Her Hair Is So Big. It’s Full Of Secrets

    Damian’s introduction of Gretchen and her hair is anything but a secret. Ironic that Gretchen’s hair is full of secrets that she doesn’t know how to keep.

  • Raise Your Hand If You Have Ever Been Personally Victimized By Regina George

    Who hasn’t been personally victimized by Regina George or a similar mean girl? If you haven’t it probably means you are Regina.

  • It’s Like I Have ESPN Or Something. My Breasts Can Always Tell When It’s Going To Rain. Well, They Can Tell When It’s Raining

    There must be something you’re good at Karen. At least she was able to put her special talent to work doing the morning weather reports. There is a place for everyone!

  • Four For You Glen Coco! You Go, Glen Coco!

    Glen Coco, minor character to cultural icon. You go Glen Coco!

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