Here are some fluffy and yummy ways to celebrate international waffle day in North Carolina. Be sure to get extra syrup and powdered sugar for us!

On March 25, we celebrate International Waffle Day, which celebrates waffles, their history, and a surprising religious holiday. Originally celebrated in Sweden, International Waffle Day is now celebrated all over the world by hungry stomachs. It’s good to know that North Carolina has plenty of places to get waffles.

First of all, I apologize if you have never had a waffle. Secondly, a waffle is like a fluffy and crispy pancake. Although they are crunchy on the outside, they are warm and soft in the middle. For a tasty dinner, you can serve them with chicken. We all know chicken and waffles are a classic Southern meal. You can also enjoy them for breakfast. Waffles go great with ice cream too and waffle sandwiches. My favorite is the Belgian waffle. The batter is lighter and the pockets are deeper than American waffles. I enjoy them with lots of syrup on top and fruit on the side.

So whether you like them from a box and popped into the toaster or homemade by mom, here is a list of 15 places to celebrate international waffle day in North Carolina.