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When I was a kid, I was not into horror at all! I was deathly afraid of Dracula. One year my dad took me to the Jaycee’s haunted house that was on Morehead Street in Charlotte. It was one of the most popular haunted houses in Charlotte at the time. I guess I was scared because my dad was carrying me. All of the sudden, Dracula popped out in front of us, his cape spread out. And I proceeded to punch him right in the nose. They had to stop the haunted house, turn the lights on, and escort us out. I’ve always been a ‘fight’ not a ‘flight’ girl. LOL! However, after that incident, I was no longer afraid of Dracula.

Kids are scared of different things at different ages, so the ‘best’ scary movie for kids is subjective. But Parents Magazine just came out with a list of the best scary flicks for kids. I think all the movies on their list make sense, except for ‘The Sixth Sense’. I mean, just because there’s a kid in the movie doesn’t mean it’s a movie for kids. ‘Children of the Corn’ had lots of kids in it but it was definitely not a kid’s movie!

I do love that their list has some classic ’80s movies on it. ‘The Goonies’ is one of my favorite movies, and so is ‘Beetlejuice’. Here’s all the movies on their list:

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas

    In this animated film from 1993, Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, decides he’s bored with Halloween and wants to be Santa Claus. Then mayhem happens. It’s mesmerizing to watch.

  • Labyrinth

    This Jim Henson (The Muppets) directed film came out in 1986. It’s a musical fantasy film that stars David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly.  In the movie, 16-year-old Sarah resents her baby stepbrother, but when he’s kidnapped by the Goblin King, she makes up her mind to save him.

  • The Goonies

    This 1985 film is based on a Steven Spielberg story. In this fun flick, a group of kids try to save their neighborhood from foreclosure by hunting for legendary treasure. The face obstacles and some creepy characters along the way.

  • Goosebumps

    My step-kids loved the Goosebumps books when they were little. This movie is based on the books by R.L. Stine. Teenagers unearth mysterious manuscripts and let monsters loose in the real world by accident.

  • Coraline

    I always wanted to see this movie, but never got around to it. It looked so cool! It’s an animated dark fantasy film about a young girl named Coraline whose parents work lots. The family moves to a new home and Coraline discovers a passage to an exciting world that has sinister secrets.

  • Gremlins

    I remember seeing Gremlins when it was released in 1984. A man brings his son, Billy, a new and exotic pet for Christmas. But the new cute pet isn’t as sweet as it seems, especially if three rules aren’t followed.

  • Beetlejuice

    Released in 1988, Beetlejuice is a blast! It’s still a fun watch! A deceased husband and wife seek help from a mischievous demon known as Beetlejuice, in order to reclaim their house from the residents who want to remodel it. 


  • Harry Potter

    The magazine has ‘The Harry Potter’ series on their list. I’ll admit that even as an adult, the books and movies are a fun time. Based on the books about a boy who discovers he’s a wizard, the series features eight movies that become progressively darker and more intense.

  • The Sixth Sense

    I think this one is a bit much for young kids but would probably be ok for teens. Bruce Willis stars in this 1999 movie about a young boy that can see dead people. Willis plays the psychologist that wants to help him.

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