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When it comes to snacking, everyone has that guilty pleasure they simply can’t resist. As part of a recent survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of GoodCook, 2,000 Americans were asked about their favorite guilty pleasure foods. The list looks like everything your doctor tells you to avoid. Hence the word “guilty.”

Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Foods

  • 10. Bacon (28%)


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  • 9. Candy (30%)


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  • 8. French Fries (31%)

    French fries

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  • 7. Cake (31%)

    Birthday cake

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  • 6. Milk Chocolate (32%)

    Milk chocolate

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  • 5. Fried Chicken (32%)

    fried chicken

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  • 4. Chips (32%)

    potato chips

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  • 3. Burgers (33%)


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  • 2. Ice Cream (35%)

    ice cream cone

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  • 1. Pizza (36%)

    Pepperoni pizza

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