If you are looking for a romantic partner, consider moving to this South Carolina suburb.

According to the study, conducted by SolitaireBliss.com, a new study analyzed US Census Bureau data to find out which major suburbs across the country have the highest percentage of single residents. A South Carolina suburb made the list for most single women.

What is the top suburb in America with the most single people? It may surprise you, but Euclid, Ohio takes the cake. Sixty-two percent of residents in this Cleveland suburb are reported as single, so if you’re looking to mingle with other singles it might be time for a trip to Euclid. Check out the list of the top 10 single suburbs below. Overall South Carolina ranked as the number fourteen state with singles and North Carolina ranked number twenty.

  • 1. Euclid

  • 2. Southfield

  • 3. Hawthorne

  • 4. Hackensack

  • 5. Rock Hill

  • 6. Towson

  • 7. Hoboken

  • 8. Evanston

  • 9. Lakewood

  • 10. Long Beach