It’s been a couple of weeks now since Brian Laundrie’s remains were found at the Carton Reserve in North Port, FL. The discovery put an end to a month-long manhunt for the last known person to have seen Gabby Petito alive. The case captured the attention of the world after Laundrie returned home from a cross-country road trip with his fiance Petito in her vehicle. Police and the FBI searched the reserve for over a month for any sign of Laundrie. The day after the park opened to the public Laundrie’s parents went to search for their son. Within an hour or so of searching, they found items that belonged to Laundrie which led to the discovery of his remains. Which, while the area had been covered by water previously and the parents knew trails their son frequented, raised some red flags. Conspiracy theorists have said everything from the parents killed him and planted the remains, to he’s not dead, and everything in between. This is nothing new as theories were bountiful including that Laundrie was hiding in a flower bed bunker in his parent’s yard. It’s been stated that the police found ‘partial human remains’ which have been confirmed by the FBI to have been dental remains.  A partial skull was also found at the scene. The Carton Reserve opened again to the public just a few days after Laundrie was found and people flocked to see what else they could discover. One TikTok Creator was there as the area was opened back up and to this day is continuing to search for signs of Brian Laundrie.

The user @chroniclesofolivia actually discovered a water bottle very similar to one seen in footage owned by Gabby. Now she’s hoping to find the rest of  Brian Laundrie’s remains. See for yourself below how Olivia’s investigation is going: