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Are you a foodie like me? If so, then you must know that one of the best foods to eat is southern food. Growing up in South Carolina should be able to tell you all you need to know about my version of Southern cuisine. From deep-fried favorites to my side of sweet tea, no one can outcook the good ole South. But, what if we were to contemplate who had the best Southern cuisine in the South? I am talking about all Southern cities, who is taking home the gold for the best food.

Well, Restaurant Clicks did not hesitate when it came to creating this list. They gathered some of the best southern cities known for their food and named the 12 must-visit southern food cities in the U.S. Now, of course, you may not agree with all of this list but I have to say this thing seems pretty right to me. I may think my hometown could have gone up a little higher in ranking, but it certainly had to be there. Two Carolina cities, one in North Carolina in the other in South Carolina, made the top 12. Can you guess which Carolina cities are home to some of the best Southern cuisines? See which cities made the list and where they rank for best Southern cuisine.

  • 12. Louisville, Kentucky

    As someone who recently took their first trip to Louisville, I can agree that their food is actually pretty good. I watch plenty of shows with chefs that are also from Kentucky and I can say that they know how to throw down when it comes to tasty foods. When in Kentucky, trying out some of their staple fried chicken is a MUST! We’re not talking KFC, we’re talking low-down, home-cooking fried chicken at plenty of Kentucky staples.

  • 11. Nashville, Tennessee

    Nashville may be the country music capital, but they are also home to some great southern cuisine as well. There are plenty of family friendly, home cooking types of restaurants as well as fine dining options in Nashville. Either way, they are all serving up some great Southern cuisine options. And everyone knows and loves some Nashville hot chicken. If you have never had Nashville hot chicken, then I highly suggest you check it out.

  • 10. Richmond, Virginia

    Head to Richmond, Virginia for some more great cuisine options. This one did shock me a little bit, but I also could see it being a great option as well. Richmond is the home to one of America’s favorite southern style restaurants, Mama J’s and is also gaining more popularity in the Southern cuisine food scene with other restaurants showing up. Richmond is also serving up some great BBQ options, so if you head to Richmond soon you may need to tell us a little bit more.

  • 9. Memphis, Tennessee

    Now this one does not surprise me whatsoever! I have never been to Memphis but have always wanted to go due to the great things that I have heard about them. A lot of country music was birthed here, but they are also home to some of the best barbecue in the country. That’s right, country. So why would you not want to visit Memphis just to get a plate?

  • 8. Birmingham, Alabama

    Birmingham is home to some of the most affordable and tasty barbecue joints in the entire country. Stocked up with plenty of soul food restaurants that will make your heart flutter. Restaurants like SAW’s Soul Kitchen are serving up classics like pork and greens, deviled eggs, and ribs. Listen, my stomach is growling just hearing that right there.

  • 7. Austin, Texas

    Keep Austin weird… and tasty! Not sure why you would not expect any city in Texas to not make this list. Texas is home to some of the best cuisine I have ever tried. So of course Southern food is no different. Especially in Austin! This college town is home to some affordable and tasty spots for the entire campus and visitors to check out. Enjoy big flavors like ribs, fried chicken, and finger licking sides while in Austin at one of its many foodie spots.

  • 6. Charleston, South Carolina

    Now, I must say I do think Charleston should be quite higher on this list. Being born and raised here gives me a different outlook of course, but it is truly home to some of the best cuisine in the entire country. That is something I will forever be ready to debate. Charleston has such a wide range of cuisine. From soul food southern favorites to fine dining southern seafood classics. You can find the hole in the wall spots that will make you a meal that feels just like mama and the fine restaurants serving up fresh seafood with some of the best chefs in the country in their kitchen. Come on, what gets better than Charleston?

  • 5. New Orleans, Louisiana

    Honestly, New Orleans is one of those places that does not even need an explanation. New Orleans is home to some of the greatest cuisine you can imagine. People honestly plan their visits to New Orleans based on the foods they hope to get. From fresh desserts and pastries to some of the most perfectly seasoned dishes. Seriously, if you have not heard about New Orleans cuisine then where have you even been? Cajun is where its at!

  • 4. Asheville, North Carolina

    Asheville is North Carolina’s only city to make the list. I can see why, I have been to Asheville and the food was certainly one of my favorite experiences about this destination. Rich in culture and art, their southern food spots are just as good as the atmosphere it settles in. Enjoy some southern staples for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at some of Asheville’s most famous restaurants.

  • 3. Houston, Texas

    Of course Texas is on here again. But, seriously Houston is home to some great cuisine. I lived here for a year and I can say although I love my Carolina seafood more Houston has some great southern cuisine spots. From the famous Turkey Leg Hut to delicious spots like This Is It Soul Food and then Tex-Mex on top of it all, Houston might as well be nothing but food to be honest.

  • 2. Savannah, Georgia

    Yeah, Savannah is another one. I use to go to Savannah all of the time and I can honestly say they have some of the best food as well. Savannah reminds me a lot of Charleston honestly but they do have their own cuisine as well. From great food on the cobblestone and great views to hidden gems throughout the city, you will not regret trying anything in Savannah.

  • 1. Atlanta, Georgia

    Coming in at No. 1 is the big ATL. Which I can not even talk any bad about because Atlanta honestly has some of the greatest cuisines. From tons of black owned spots with the best food I have ever had to fine dining restaurants that put a twist on soul food favorites, Atlanta is home. If you really want some southern cuisine and a good time, Atlanta is where you need to go.

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