LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: In this image released on March 14, Harry Styles performs onstage during the 63rd Annual GRAMMY Awards at Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California and broadcast on March 14, 2021. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

One of the biggest tours of the past few months has been Harry Styles. Unfortunately, the show didn’t come to Charlotte, but I’ve seen clips on TikTok and this show seems wild. In the best way possible. And like any show with the target demographic Harry Styles has, the fans make signs. And honestly, I love this. I’ve made posters a few times for Taylor Swift (I made some valiant T-Party efforts back in the day). It’s fun and seeing fans have a great time is one of my favorite parts of shows, especially those that LOVE the artist.

But you know what makes the signs even better? When the artists interact with them. Whether it’s announcing babies, asking to sing with the artist, asking to drink a beer, or take a shot (I’m looking at you country artists), that fan interaction makes a good show great IMO, And that seems to be something Harry does a lot of. As pretty much every moment of every show he does, his reactions to those signs are documents EVERYWHERE on social media.

One of the best trends though happened recently in Atlanta. It seems that a lot of people decided they should skip some very important life events for the show. I get wanting to see your favorite artist. I’ve taken some long drives, lost a lot of sleep, and gone to shows that a lot of people would have said I shouldn’t have. I’ve never once regretted that. You can catch up on sleep, you’ll eventually make that money back. But the memories will last forever. That being said I missed one of my favorite artist’s shows as I was in a wedding and both NC dates were the wedding and rehearsal dinner. That was something I just had to do. But these Harry Styles fans are die-hard. I do have to wonder if maybe the situation were slightly exaggerated to get attention from the Watermelon Sugar singer. And in some cases I hope they were. Regardless they worked and are providing some great laughs now.

Enjoy as Harry Styles reacts to fans skipping life events and other signs at his shows.