I hate going to the store and it’s way too crowded. Especially with COVID-19, waiting in a mile-long line is no one’s ideal shopping experience. So when should you go shopping in Charlotte?

Google Maps analyzed the business information to determine the busiest and least busy times to visit popular holiday destinations so you can plan your outings accordingly!

Charlotte’s Google Maps Holiday Trends Revealed

  • Bakery

    Busiest: Saturday 10 am
    Least busy: Saturday 1 pm

  • Bar

    Busiest: Sunday 12 am
    Least Busy: Saturday 8 pm

  • Department Store / Outlet / Shopping Center

    Busiest: Saturday 2 pm
    Least busy: Friday 4 pm

  • Grocery Store

    Busiest: Sunday 1 pm
    Least busy: Saturday 7 pm

  • Hair and Nail Salon

    Busiest: Saturday 11 am
    Least busy: Saturday 9 am

  • Movie Theaters

    Busiest: Saturday 7 pm
    Least busy: Saturday 6 pm

  • Post Office

    Busiest: Friday 2 pm
    Least Busy: Saturday 12 pm

  • Restaurant

    Busiest: Friday 7 pm
    Least Busy: Saturday 3 pm