Must Haves

Must Haves

Must Haves

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When I’m bored, I’m not the type of person to talk a walk around the park. Instead, I get in my car and just go. In which case, my car has become like another room for me. And with any new room I’m in I need to make sure it has some essential items. So here are some cool car gadgets that I think you’re going to love.

  • Car Seat Gap Organizer

    I hate when I’m driving and my phone falls between the seat. I mean this is pretty much true with anything that falls between the seat like my headphones, pens, etc. So that’s why I love this car seat gap organizer. It’s great for things that fall in between the seat, and for storing things you know you just have no room for.

  • Car Putty Cleaning Gel for Detailing

    Keep it clean. I feel like this should be the motto for all cars, but we all know that’s not the most realistic thing. This car putty cleaning gel is great for picking up dust, crumbs, etc. It can get right into the nooks and crannies a traditional paper towel or wet wipe just can’t get to. This also works on other surfaces like your keyboard at home.

  • Headrest Hooks

    Whether you’re like me and carry a bag or you need something for holding up your groceries these headrest hooks have your back. This pack of four easily connects to the back of the headrest and can hold up to 44lbs of weight. 

  • Large Car Cup Holder

    I’m a Hydro Flask user, but I also love a jumbo-sized soda every now and then, which makes this the perfect find for me. This large car cup holder basically gives you additional room to hold your oversized drinks. That way you’re not having to hold the drink while you’re driving or keep it in between your legs. 

  • Dipping Sauce Car Vent Clips

    As seen on Shark Tank, this is probably my favorite invention of the last ten years. These are dipping sauce car vent clips. Yeah, go ahead and read that again! A dipping sauce cup holder, if you will, that attaches to your car vent clips. Incredible! Seriously add this to your cart right now, especially if you’re a chicken nugget lover like me.

  • French Fry Cup Holder

    And of course, in the spirit of fast-food cravings everywhere, how could I not include a French fry cup holder. This is an insert for your standard cup holder that allows you to fit your French fry container right into it. It’s mega-convenient and while I don’t own this yet, I had to order one just for this article alone!

  • Cell Phone Holder

    What car is complete without a cell phone holder? The answer is no car, but regardless, having a cell phone holder is really great. Not only is helpful when I’m using my GPS, but it’s great for being able to change songs quickly. Especially since I have an older car, this is a Must Have since I don’t have one of the cool new Bluetooth dashboards.


    This cell phone holder has adjustable widths for different cell phones and adjustable rotations. So, if you ever like to take your lunch break in your car and watch a little TV while doing so, you can turn the whole mechanism and be able to watch your show without holding the phone. 

  • Headrest Trash Can & Organizer

    Again, cleanliness is key and having a trash can in your car is a serious lifesaver. The fact that this one also has organizational pockets is also great. You can keep things like napkins, tissues, or hand sanitizer in the pouches for your convenience.

  • Sticky Pad For Dash

    When I first saw this sticky pad on my boyfriend’s car dash holding a full cup of coffee I panicked. I thought there was no way that it wasn’t going to cause a mess and spill everywhere. Well, for one thing, the liquid was low enough for that not to be the case, but for another… it didn’t move! Like at all. I’m super serious. This sticky pad is incredibly sticky. It’s great for holding your phone or anything that you’d like to have at close reach.  

  • Fast USB Charger

    We all need to charge our phones. And one thing that I found is great for my car are these fast USB charging ports. Not only is my phone charged in basically half the time as if it were plugged in at home, but it also has two ports, so my passenger and I don’t have to fight over who has the lowest percentage. 

  • Car Inverter

    And speaking of cool car gadgets, in some cases you may need to take your laptop or something with a two or three-pronged wall connection on the road with you. In which case, you need this. I’ve used a car inverter when I go on any long drives because I know that if my electronics are going to die halfway through it will be a nightmare. This one also comes with USB ports, so if you need to charge your phone you can still do that via a USB connection while having two things plugged into the front of the inverter. 

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