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Wanna put your “Love On Top” of all the rest of the beehive? We all love Beyoncé and her iconic songs and style, which is why we took it upon ourselves to find some amazing Must Haves that will help you show of your love for her. You can step up your Beyoncé fan game by supporting some amazing creators and fellow beehive members. From party supplies to cool light fixtures, you’ll find everything you need to be the captain of the Beyhive. Here are 15 Must Haves Beyoncé fans will fall “Crazy In Love” with.

  • Beyoncé Video Looks Art Print

    Beyoncé is known for her iconic looks and this art print has the most legendary ones. From “Crazy In Love” to Lemonade the print features her best ones to date.

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  • Beyoncé Lemonade Sticker Decal

    One of the most memorable scenes from Beyoncé’s visual album Lemonade was when she smashed a car with a baseball bat wearing a beautiful yellow dress. This fan-made a sticker decal honoring that very moment.

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  • “Drunk In Love” Party Cups

    Need something to bring to your friend’s next Bachelorette party? Look no further than the Beyoncé-inspired party cups from her song “Drunk In Love.” You’ll be the life of the party bringing these in to celebrate.

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  • Beyoncé Album Cover Quilt Blanket

    This quilt honors all of Beyoncé’s solo albums with their respective cover art in top quality. This handmade quilt has five size options (lap, throw, twin, queen, and king) for the top Beyoncé fan.

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  • Beyoncé Scrabble Frames

    Leave messages around your home or office with the Lemonade-inspired letter board. The board’s uniqueness comes from using scrabble-like pieces instead of the traditional letters for the board. Available in four frame colors (white, black, wood, grey) and two background colors (mint and pink), you will find one that matches your space.

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  • Beyoncé Formation Pencil Set

    Even if you have writer’s block, the Beyoncé quotes on these pencils will inspire you to keep going. The set of 6 is perfect for switching up your daily Beyoncé mood on what you might need for the day.

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  • Beychella Cupcake Toppers

    Add some flair to your cupcakes with Beychella cupcake toppers. This digital download of the topper prints allows you to get crafty for your next Beyoncé listening party. Just add the prints to some cardstock with a toothpick and your plain cupcakes are ready to go.

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  • Lemon “Slay” Embroidered Iron-On Patches

    A hand-illustrated lemon patch with “slay” embroidered is a great gift for yourself or another Beyoncé fan. You can iron on this patch to backpacks, jackets, and more!

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  • Beyoncé 3D Acrylic Night Light

    You’ll never be left out in the dark for the next Beyoncé drop with this new light. Well, maybe, it’s not exactly how it works but, this night light will glow in the outline of Beyonce’s iconic looks to keep your room lit up all night. Choose from 6 different iconic looks including her Beychella performance or “Telephone” look that glows in 16 different shades.

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  • DIY Embroidery Kit

    Need an activity for your next Beyoncé-themed sleepover? Look no further at your own DIY Beyoncé “Formation” embroidery kit for you and your friends.

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  • Beyoncé Greeting Card

    Get your friend a little surprise for their special Bey-day with a Beyoncé greeting card. This 6x6 greeting card will make your friends’ day even better with the personal customization option for a sweet message.

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  • Beyoncé Inspired Notebook

    Jot down your greatest ideas with this Beyoncé-inspired notebook. Looks from her music videos and her latest British Vogue cover hit center stage on this 8.5x11 inch notebook.

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  • Namasté Beyoncé Eco Tote Bag

    Now you have something to put all your Beyoncé fan art in with this eco-friendly tote. The tote features an outline of Beyoncé in the traditional namaste pose wearing a crown.

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  • Beyoncé Phone Case Art

    Just so that your phone is protected at the next Beyoncé concert grab yourself a Beyoncé phone case. Choose from five different designs and several different phone formats you’ll be sure to pick one that matches your Beyoncé vibe for the day. 

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  • Welcome To My Hive Doormat

    Gift your friend, or yourself, a new welcome doormat as a new home warming gift. Available in two sizes (small and large), your guest will be greeted in Beyoncé-inspired style.

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