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Must Haves

Must Haves

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Okay, I spend a crazy amount of time on TikTok. And sometimes I am sucked into the crazy cool gadgets people are using to make their life a little bit easier. There are tons of creators and videos on these cool gadgets, but it can sometimes be hard to find them. So, I’ve put together a list of new TikTok Must Haves that I honestly can’t stop thinking about.

  • 1) Mattress Lifter

    I saw a TikTok on this the other day and I felt my jaw instantly drop. This is a mattress lifter, and what it does is lift your mattress and allow you to easily put your fitted sheet on. If you’re like me, putting a fitted sheet on my Queen sized bed feels like an Olympic sport sometimes, so this is incredibly appealing because I can definitely see it helping me out.

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  • 2) Swivel Kitchen Sink Faucet Extender

    If you live in an apartment or you don’t want to have to spend a ton of money on a new faucet for your sink, this swivel kitchen sink extender is amazing. It fits in your regular faucet and has a wide range of motion so you aren’t confined to the few spots your water stream hits.

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  • 3) iPhone Magnetic Wireless Portable Charger

    Okay, the minute I heard about this I was obsessed. It’s a portable charger that has no wires! My biggest pet peeve is when I grab the wrong charging cord for my portable charger. The best part about this one is that it’s perfect for iPhone users as it has magnetic wireless charging capability.

  • 4) Shower Cat Hair Catcher

    All my long-haired friends, you probably understand this very well. When my hair comes out in the shower it has to go somewhere, and lots of people put it on the shower wall. This gadget sticks to your shower wall and then collects your hair. It’s also easily removable and re-attachable so you can take it off the shower wall when your shower is over to clean it out.

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  • 5) Magnetic Screen Covers for Air Vents

    How many of you have had to lift the air vent to try to snag whatever your kid, pet, or even yourself have accidentally dropped into the air vent? I know I’ve done it a bunch, and that’s why these are so appealing. These are magnetic screen covers that fit overtop of your air vents. It continues to let your air flow freely, but helps you prevent losing those little things down the hole!

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  • 6) Over The Sink Dish Rack

    If you’re like my family, we don’t put our large pots and pans in the dishwasher, we usually let them air dry after giving them a good scrub. This over-the-sink, stainless steel roll-up dish drying rack is super appealing to me because it allows me to keep the countertop clear while the pans dry. These are very easy to use and because they are foldable they are really easy to store under your sink and don’t take up a ton of space.

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  • 7) Toothbrush Holder & Toothpaste Dispenser

    This is a dream buy for me! I love the fact that this is a really super great way to store your toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. While also being incredibly convenient and dispensing your toothpaste for you! I know that sounds weird, but it just feels like a futuristic tool and TikTok has proven to me that this is a true life hack.

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  • 8) Cotton Pad Dispenser Caddy

    This is quite literally my favorite thing to watch people restock. If you use little cotton pads for removing your makeup at night, this could be a great addition to your vanity. It has a very fun dispenser button that presents you with one cotton pad easily. If you like fun little gadgets this one is definitely a Must Have.

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  • 9) Magnetic Cable Wrangler

    Again, this is one of those products the minute I saw it on TikTok I became obsessed. How many times have you had your phone charger fall behind your nightstand after you take your phone off it? For me, it’s been like a million and one time. This is a magnetic cable wrangler so you place your phone charger over it and when you remove the phone from the charger it catches the cord so it doesn’t fall behind the charger.

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  • 10) Front Door Washer Door Prop

    If you have a front load washer you’re gonna want to learn about this one. This is a magnetic washer door proper. It’s a super cool tool that helps you keep your door propped when not in use to avoid things like mold and mildew back up in your washer.

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  • 11) Toilet Paper Holder with Storage Box

    Whether you use this for flushable wipes or for feminine hygiene products, like I’ve seen many people do on TikTok, I think this is seriously a cool TikTok find. It’s so simple and yet so genius.

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  • 12) Kitchen Sink Splash Guard

    Oh goodness, the number of times I’ve gotten my shirt splashed with suds and water while watching dishes is too many to count. The minute I saw this kitchen sink splash guard I felt this sense of relief that someone out there gets it. This sticks in front of your kitchen sink and helps you keep your clothes from getting wet and in some cases messy!

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  • 13) Honeycomb Drawer Organizer

    I know it’s so bizarre, but I had to buy this one! I have been organizing so much, and I saw a bunch of TikTok creators using this style drawer organizer for underwear and socks, and let me just say it’s incredible. I’ve had this organizer for about a month now and it has made the top drawer of my dresser so much more organized. I always can find socks and underwear now and they all have a perfect space.

  • 14) Adjustable Bamboo Drawer Organizer

    Whether you want to use this for the kitchen drawers or your clothing drawers these are also amazing. I also have these and they are great for keeping my shirts standing up. I love doing the upright method for stacking my shirts, meaning I can see them in a row instead of having one shirt on the top and having to dig through the stack to find another one. These organizers are adjustable and fit really well into most drawers. They help you keep things in order for sure!

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  • 15) Knife Block Organizer

    This is another one of those TikTok items that whenever I see it I’m like, “this is so cool and so simple.” It’s a knife block organizer and helps you organize your knives it has a spot for 16 knives that holds 8 Small Knives, 8 Large Knives, and a Sharpener.

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  • 16) AirFly Pro Wireless Headphone Assistant

    This is such a fascinating item! Many of us have moved away from the traditional headphones to wireless headphones, and if you’re flying but want to listen to the TV in your seat then you’re going to run into the problem of how do you listen to it? Enter this AirFly Pro wireless headphone assistant. It has a standard audio jack that connects to the airplane screen but also connects to your wireless headphones. Like seriously if you’re a frequent traveler this is a great option for you.

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