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Must Haves

Must Haves

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Summertime has some of the biggest patriotic holidays of the whole year. With Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day centered around things that make the USA the USA, we know many people love getting in the spirit with a themed outfit. I mean what sounds better than hotdogs on a grill, cold beer in your hand, and a fun USA-themed t-shirt? So, here are 21 USA-themed t-shirts that you need to show off your patriotic pride.

  • 1) Men’s Declaration of Independence T-Shirt

    I don’t know about you, but when I was in middle school I had to memorize the preamble from the Declaration of Independence. How did we do that? School House Rock of course. Regardless, what’s more fitting than the Declaration of Independence to celebrate USA holidays like The Fourth of July? 

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  • 2) Party Like It’s 1776

    Fun Fact about the signing of the Declaration of Independence, most places in the country didn’t know the declaration had been signed yet because word obviously didn’t travel as fast as it did now. So, most major cities weren’t celebrating yet. But hey, we’ll still party like the Founding Fathers probably did!

  • 3) Women’s American Flag Tank Top

    This tank is super cute! If you are looking for a nice tank top for the summery days ahead this is a great choice.

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  • 4) Uncle Same I Want You Tee

    Wear this shirt as a way to convince people to grab you a beer. No, but this is a good shirt and it’s available in tank tops and various other styles and sizes.

  • 5) Spilling The Tea Shirt

    Since “spilling the tea” is a fun slang term for gossiping, but this is obviously inspired by the Boston Tea Party so it’s very fitting for a USA-theme t-shirt list.

  • 6) Maverick USA Helmet Tee

    For all of you Top Gun or Top Gun: Maverick fans this Maverick shirt is an awesome choice as it works for both the USA-themed and for Top Gun fans.

  • 7) Boy’s Meri-Caw Tee

    The majestic bald eagle is the country’s national animal. And their majestic “caw” makes this shirt just a bit funnier. This kids tee could be a great option for your child!

    Get It Now From Target
  • 8) Boy’s USA Rock On Hand Shirt

    If you’re looking for another cool option for kids, this Rock On USA boy’s tee is super fun. It’s available in sizes Small through X-Large. Make sure to check out Target’s sizing guide for size information.

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  • 9) It’s Lit Lady Liberty Shirt

    I love a fun shirt like this. This Lady Liberty shirt would be an awesome tee for whatever patriotic holiday you are celebrating.

  • 10) Women’s USA Bow Tank

    This tank top is so cute! I love the little bow in the back that makes this tank a racer-back style. It’s available in sizes Small through XX-Large. Please note, this item is said to run small so you might want to size up just a bit.

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • 11) Star Spangled Hammer

    We all know that lots of folks love drinking during these holidays. If you love funny, dry humor shirts this could be a great one for you. This design is also available as a t-shirt too.

  • 12) Founding Daddy Tee

    Again with that funny, dry humor. This Founding Daddy tee features George Washington and so, of course, it works well for this USA-themed t-shirts list! It’s available in sizes Small through 3XL.

  • 13) Women’s Love USA Flag Tee

    This looks like such a cute slouchy t-shirt. This would totally work as a nice cover-up or even just a fun t-shirt for any patriotic-themed holiday.

    Get It Now From Target
  • 14) Girl’s USA Tee

    This is such a simple, but adorable tee for the Fourth. This style is currently in the Girl’s sizes, but there are several others that are available for Women’s, Men’s, and Boy’s cuts.

    Get It Now From Target
  • 15) Beer Pong American Flag Tee

    Ah yes, beer pong. A true American past-time. If you’re planning on being crowned the Annual Beer Pong Champion this is a good option for you. 

  • 16) Ben Drinkin’ Tee

    Another one of our Founding Fathers, this Ben Franklin “Ben Drinkin’” funny tee is a great choice as well. It comes in several different colors as well as a variety of sizes.

    Get It Now From Amazon
  • 17) Meowica Women’s Tee

    How fun is this one? For all of you, cat lovers out there this “Meowicapunny tee is super fun absolutely purr-fect for the Fourth.

  • 18) Too Cool For British Rule Tee

    Another fun Benjamin Franklin tee. This one is great for the Fourth of July celebrations in your future as that’s what the Fourth celebrates after all.

  • 19) Girl’s Land That I Love Tee

    This is such a cute girl’s tee. If you have a little one looking to have a cute USA-theme t-shirt, this might be a great option. It features some of the lyrics for “America; The Beautiful” such as “land that I love.”

    Get It Now From Target
  • 20) Star Wars X-Wing USA-Themed Shirt

    If you’re a Star Wars fan this is a great option for a USA-themed t-shirt! It features those iconic red, white and blue USA colors as well as the Star Wars X-Wing fighter jet which we love.

    Get It Now From Target
  • 21) Because America That’s Why Tee

    And when all else fails a really easy choice for a t-shirt is this one. Why? Because America, that’s why. This tee is available in multiple sizes and styles such as tank tops.

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