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QCB talks local and national sports filled with stats, fun trash-talk, entertainment news and whatever else is out there topical or life experiences he might go through.

And don't worry listeners, no politics or religion discussed here. But wait, there's more! Enjoy QCB's Co-Host B.Notes and his hilarious and crazy bother, Bartalomew Wilcox calling in as the expert in everything his name. This is one show you don't want to miss!

Can UNC Sweep Duke? Panic Time For The Hornets? Much Much More...

QCB is a little worried about the Hornets making the playoffs prediction and Bartholomew Wilcox is looking like a genius. Duke vs UNC part 2 and can the heels pull off the sweep? Also on the agenda: Captain Marvel, Antoino Brown, NBA Playoffs, Tiger Woods and much, much more.

Hornets Fall to the 8th Spot, Zion, LeBrons Not Happy & Oscars

QCB is not happy about the Hornets losing a must win against the Brooklyn Nets...Plus DeMarcus Cousins is acting like DeMarcus Cousins are the Warriors in danger of falling apart. Zion leg is still attached and he's fine plus we talk Black Panther winning Best Picture.