Relationship ICU

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Relationship ICU...because sometimes our relationships need intensive care. Francene Marie, Melany Myers, and Phil Harris each bring their own life experiences, perspectives, and humor into the ICU as they examine ailing relationships of all types: boyfriend-girlfriend, husband-wife, BFFs, in-laws, siblings, parents-kids, coworkers, and neighbors. Relationship ICU is a fun, insightful, and slightly irreverent (PG-13) take on the way people attempt to get along or hurt themselves trying. And there's no co-pay!

Francene Marie Morris has a fake Ph.D. in relationships, home chef, empty-nester and survivor of raising two children born 17 years apart. Francene is an award-winning syndicated radio host covering six stations in the Southeast Region for Beasley Media Group and proud Sanctioned NCBS BBQ Judge.

Melany Myers has enjoyed 20-plus years on the radio in Charlotte, NC, and Columbia, SC. She knows music and relationships. Mel has been a wife (twice), an ex-wife (also twice), and a step-mother. These days, she is the fun-loving single mom of two Jack Russell Terriers, Gypsy, and Maxwell.

Phil Harris brings the married-father-of-two perspective to the "Relationship ICU" podcast. He and his wife, Sara, love the outdoors and cheering on their teenage sons at various youth sports events. In his spare time, Phil hosts the K104.7 morning show with Melany Myers.