Love Chinese Food? Thank This Woman!

Foodies refer to her as the Julia Child of Chinese food. Just as Julia made French cooking accessible to Americans, Cecilia Chiang introduced authentic Chinese cuisine to the U.S. after immigrating to San Francisco in 1959 where she opened her restaurant, The Mandarin, the following year.

Weezer Covers Toto Songs For Twitter Follower

Never underestimate the power of social media. Back in December, a 14-year-old girl took to Twitter to ask Weezer's lead singer, Rivers Cuomo (above), if the band would record the 1982 hit "Africa" from Toto. Not only did Weezer comply by covering that song, they also posted their version of Toto's "Rosanna." By the way,…

Have You Rebooted Your Router?

You may have heard some talk this week about Russian hackers infecting computer routers with malware. Long story, short, approximately 500,000 routers worldwide maybe have been hit and the FBI is recommending that you reboot your home router and install the latest firmware so that the bad guys can't monitor your data or destroy any…

Fun With Impact Resistant Gloves

Would you let another person hit your hand with a hammer if you were assured that the glove you were wearing would provide adequate protection from pain and injury? That would still require a great deal of trust, wouldn't it?

Top 10 Backyard Grilling Foods

Last weekend's weather wasn't exactly ideal for outdoor entertaining. Just when we thought the sky was clearing up, another set of clouds would roll in and drop more rain on us. We need a do-over, especially those of us who live for grilling.

Twelve Toughest Smartphones

I recently had to take my iPhone in for service. Miraculously, it wasn't for a cracked screen. I did that last year. This time, my visit to the Apple Store was for a battery replacement. But I also picked up a protective case for my smartphone to help avoid any more repairs.