8 Fitness Apps That Pay You To Exercise

You made the New Year's resolution to hit the gym. You've gone there once. You're already having a hard time staying motivated to keep working out. It would be a lot easier if you could get paid to exercise, wouldn't it? You're in luck!

5 Ways To Beat The Post-Christmas Blues

It happens to me every year. I throw myself wholeheartedly into the build-up to Christmas: the Advent church services, the decorations everywhere, the heavenly holiday foods, even shopping for presents, and, of course, the Christmas music. But on December 26th, I get the dreaded post-Christmas blues.

We Could All Use More Fitness And Less "Sitness"

I've been hearing and reading a lot lately about the dangers of sitting too much. A 2016 study reported that the average American sits for nine to 13 hours per day. Not only can a sedentary lifestyle lead to chronic back pain, but also an increased risk of cardiovascular problems and even cancer. The bottom…