Summer Job: We All Have To Start Somewhere

Do you remember your first job? It was probably a summer job, right? Hopefully you still have some good memories of it. My very first job was as a golf caddy. Then I worked in a movie theater. I was recently reminded of what came after that.

Do You Suffer From "Work Nightmares?"

Radio personalities occasionally wake up screaming because of "DJ nightmares," which often involve equipment malfunctions in the control room. I bring this up because that's what happened on Tuesday, except it wasn't a dream.

Your Commute Would Be A Lot Worse In One Of These

The next time you're navigating through an orange barrel obstacle course on I-85, or simply stuck in a standstill on 77, consider your immediate surroundings. Are you sitting on a cushioned seat in a climate-controlled car during your commute? Do you have control of the radio? Can you sing to yourself at the top of…

Restaurant Puts Dog To Work

We couldn't do what we do at K104.7 without the support of our valued sponsors and producing commercials for them is a big part of my role here. Fortunately, no one has come up with a way to completely automate the creation of advertising. However, there may be a new threat to my job security:…