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With the colossal loss of Glenn Frey last year, the Eagles had to make that decision that no band ever wants to face.

That one – to break up or go on, somehow..after the loss of a pivotal member.

That ‘somehow’ means turning to “one family member and one longtime friend to help it through this transition: Deacon Frey, the 24-year-old son of … Glenn Frey,….and country music star Vince Gill.….” per the LAtimes.

Born out of the folk-rock scene in the early 1970’s, the Eagles are now set to headline the “two-pronged, bicoastal festival: Classic West and Classic East, alongside Fleetwood Mac, Steely Dan, Earth Wind & Fire, the Doobie Brothers and Journey.”


Vince Gill – Harrison/Getty Images


What to expect on stage? Both Deacon Frey and Vince Gill will divvy up lead vocals on the songs Glenn Frey sang with the Eagles.

What planted the seed for these two to help the band carry on?  It was two-fold.  First, “the idea of Gill came up when he was at the Kennedy Center Honors program in December saluting the Eagles.”

Then, per Irving Azoff, the Eagles long-time producer, after Don Henley saw Deacon Frey at Glenn’s service, he always said that ‘If there’s ever going to be a gig for all of us, I would want Deacon to be part of it. ”

The time was right. The son and friends honor thy father and friend.

The music of Glenn Frey – and the Eagles – continues…