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North Carolina One Of Worst States For Porch Pirates

If you live in North Carolina, be on the lookout for porch pirates. According to a new study, our state is one of the worst for porch thievery. Many of us, myself included order things online. And a large percentage of us order things from Amazon lots. No matter where you shop, if you're having things delivered to your home, there's a good chance a porch pirate is watching. According to a new study by digital mailbox provider iPostal1, North Carolina is the 5th worst state for porch pirates. Alaska, Vermont, North Dakota, and Hawaii are the other states rounding out the top 5. It's odd to me that 3 states in the top 5 get really cold in winter. You wouldn't think folks would be out in such freezing temps, even crooks!  USPS is the company the thieves search for most, followed by Amazon and FedEx. In order to determine which states were the worst, the study looked at online search data including 'UPS lost package' and 'FedEx package stolen'. [caption id="attachment_494192" align="alignnone" width="300"] Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images[/caption] Porch Pirates Are Busy In North Carolina According to the study, North Carolina has an average monthly search volume of 70.46 per 100,000 people. The state’s most searched-for term is ‘USPS report lost package’ alongside ‘UPS lost package’, ‘Amazon missing package’, ‘Amazon package stolen’, ‘USPS lost my package’, ‘USPS lost mail’, and ‘porch pirates’ from the sixth to the first most popular. South Carolina is down lots further on the list. Our neighboring state ranked 42 in the study, and they're number 9 on the states that are least likely to have things stolen. Michigan is the number 1 least likely to have packages stolen. Having a Ring camera can help to deter thieves some, but some crooks are just brave and don't care if their caught stealing. To keep your packages safe, you may want to have them delivered to your office while you're there. Another way to keep them from being stolen is to ask a neighbor to bring your packages in. Having a lock box on your porch can also help. Giving delivery drivers access to the box can keep your packages off your porch, so the crooks can't see them.    

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