Paul McCartney on Foreigner Not Being in the Rock Hall: ‘What the F—?!’

Paul McCartney had some choice words for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame about Foreigner not being inducted. In a brief video clip shared by Rhino Records, Sir Paul says direct-to-camera, "Foreigner? Not in the Hall of Fame? What the f---?!" (I can't embed the video in this article due to current company "best practices," but you can watch Macca drop a whimsical f-bomb here.) McCartney isn't the only musician taking to social media to campaign for Foreigner to get into the Rock Hall. An all-star group of musicians are featured in the video below touting the brilliance of the classic rock band. Those all-star musicians include Dave Grohl, Slash, Josh Homme, Chad Smith and Jack Black. This video was organized by mega-producer Mark Ronson, who happens to be the stepson of Foreigner founder/guitarist Mick Jones. Ronson acknowledges his connection to Foreigner via Jones, but he's also a fan of the band, much like the musicians he recruited for this video. Ronson captioned the video, in part, "Everything that made me want to be a record producer came from being in the studio watching Foreigner make records. I’m still completely in awe of the sound of those first five albums." 2024 Rock Hall Nomination Foreigner finally received [inlink id="rock-hall-2024-nominees" text="their first nomination for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame"] this year. They've been eligible for induction since 2003. They are considered one of the Rock Hall's most notable snubs over the years. Jones said in a statement about the Rock Hall Nomination, "I deeply appreciate the recognition from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame committee ... Getting this news today is an incredible endorsement of what we have achieved over time." Foreigner fans can vote for the band and other nominees once a day at as part of the Rock Hall's Fan Vote. This year, voting will last through April 26. Unlike previous years, fans will get to vote for up to seven nominees every day. Previously, the choices were capped at five nominees. Once voting closes, the top five vote artists in the Fan Vote will create what is called a "Fans' Ballot." It will be counted among the other ballots that various artists, historians, and music industry professionals fill out and submit.   [select-listicle listicle_id="616529" syndication_name="foreigner-best-songs" description="no"]

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