Feng Li/Getty Images

Every time I scroll through social media or look around online, I see these crazy clothes and makeup trends. When I look at the wild pictures, I wonder WHO actually does this? I never see my friends or family try any of these odd looking trends. As a woman, I don’t understand who has time do to these elaborate makeup jobs. I like to look pretty, but I’m one of those women that feels like I can only look SO cute! I don’t think “wavy eyebrows” or “pom pom makeup” is gonna help me out at all. Is it just me? What are your thoughts on these trends?

See some of the crazier trends I’ve seen online in the past week below. I just don’t get it. No. Nope. Not Happening…

Barbed Wire Eyebrows

Wavy Eyebrows

Pom Pom Makeup