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TikTok Dos and Dont’s

If you're on TikTok and not getting the kind of views and engagements that you want, then maybe you're just not doing it right. Here are some TikTok dos and dont's from experts. Hopefully by incorporating a few of these things into your content, your content will thrive. TikTok Dos and Dont's I'm writing this story because like you, I would like to get my TikTok content out there more. I have a lot of followers, and I would love to engage with them more. I don't post on TikTok too often, and that's one don't of TikTok. So, I'm definitely looking to post more content in the coming weeks and months. So, I'm doing this story because I've researched some TikTok dos and don'ts to help both your content and mine. The experts at Hootsuite have a great feature up on how to play nice with the TikTok algorithm in 2024. Of their tips, one of my favorite tips is to "maximize the first moments." They note that you need to grab their attention in the first couple of seconds, and that "the hook for your video needs to inspire viewers to stop scrolling." They add that, "when the retention time for a video goes up, that tells the TikTok algorithm that this is content worth sharing with other viewers." They also suggest to post shorter videos, even though on TikTok, you can actually post videos that are up to 10 minutes in length. As for more TikTok dos and don'ts, TikTok itself suggests posting 1 to 4 times a day as you find out which content performs best for you. Posting regularly keeps you in the sphere of your audience and increases the possibility of something you post going viral. After all, if you post four times a day instead of one, then you've just tripled your chance to have content that takes off. Backstage.com suggests that you use hashtags that are relevant to your content. That's how TikTok knows what your content is about and to whom to send your content. Another great tip, and this one is from me, is to post content that you love. It's good to jump on TikTok trends, but if you don't feel comfortable doing a certain video or post, don't do it. If you stay true to who you are on any social platform, you'll have the best chance of standing out. For example, I post a lot of my music on TikTok, because that's true to me. So, be true to yourself, and have fun with it. [select-listicle listicle_id="732317" syndication_name="7-traits-that-irresistible-people-have" description="no"]

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