Francene Marie

You’re Invited To Cuban Heritage Event Tonight April 5th

It's almost time to celebrate Cuban heritage in Charlotte! When you think of comfort food, close family ties, and a colorful atmosphere, Cuban cultures, rule! That's why  Society at 229 at the Brooklyn Collective CLT, is proud to partner with the Arts & Science Counsel in bringing Charlotte 9 experiences that give a "Shout Out!" to various cultures in our community. During Shout Out events Society at 229 will be showcasing beautifully curated events, and Cuban Heritage is one of them. RSVP here to experience the Cuban Heritage event at Society at 229. Each experience will amplify locals who specialize in cuisine and the arts. Speaking of cuisine, the most popular Cuban dish is; Ropa Vieja which is considered the national dish of Cuba. The name Ropa Vieja translates to “old clothes,” because it's prepared with tough cuts of meat. More choices are Chicharrones. You might refer to them as pork cracklings back in the day that grandma made. Drinks like Mariquitas are a hit, as well as Cuban coffee. Cuban traditions are traced back to the Caribbean culture and celebrations. When you think of Cuban heritage imagine the most elaborate festivals, with dancing, lively music, and hand-rolled cigars. Yes, smoking Cuban cigars is highly favored and considered a ritual. RSVP here for the Cuban Heritage event. The beauty of having this Cuban Heritage event at Society at 229 is because of the history of the building it's held in. Society at 229 sits at the corner of 229 South Brevard St. where Black Wall Street once sat. The history of that particular building is rich because it was the hub of African-American businesses and important meetings and financial services in Charlotte, North Carolina. Black Wall Street in Charlotte, North Carolina sits on the corner of 3rd Street and South Brevard. Also known as the Mecklenburg Investment Company. What is so amazing is that the building was financed, architecturally designed, and occupied by Black people because of segregation so Black entrepreneurs and innovators created their own space to grow Black-owned businesses inside the Mecklenburg Investment Company.

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