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Charlotte Restaurant Has One of America’s Best Grilled Cheeses

Nothing like a good ole grilled cheese sandwich. Then, when you add a tomato bisque to it, then it's even better! Dipping your grilled cheese in the bisque really sets things off for the day. I enjoy a good grilled cheese and bisque mashup any day of the year. The Daily Meal is naming the 12 best grilled cheese sandwiches in America. I know that sounds somewhat insane, but it is something we all want to know. We are just a little curious as to what places have some of the best grilled cheese sandwiches. Now, lucky for us, one Charlotte restaurant has been put at the top for having one of the best grilled cheeses in the country. I saw this picture and it's certainly one of the places that I need to give a try. Tupelo Honey in Charlotte has one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches in the U.S. The photo of the sandwich really is making me want one as I type this honestly. They have locations across the country, but we have got to try this one out. Their pimento grilled cheese is giving all of the cheesy goodness. It's served with fried green tomatoes and beautiful pimento cheese. They also have options such as pulled pork grilled cheese and southern belle grilled cheese that has brie and gorgonzola cheese. Those are some great options. I might have to give them a little try! As I contemplate my lunch today, a grilled cheese sounds really good. I wonder what other lists we can find that Charlotte can make at the top of the list. Check out the full list here and see what other grilled cheese spots there are in the country.

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