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All 6 Songs Taylor Swift Cut From The Eras Tour Setlist

A new version of the Eras Tour debuted in Paris on May 9th. I hypothesized some songs would be cut to make room for tracks from her latest project The Tortured Poets Department. And yes unfortunately some songs were in fact cut from the Eras Tour setlist. And as the night (luckily afternoon here in North Carolina) began it seemed to be going the way of the song(s) I hypothesized. But then things got a little chaotic. To say the least. Eras changed order, were combined, songs were cut, and new outfits. It was confusing, and fun to watch in real time. And it was a little bittersweet when I realized what the songs cut from the eras tour setlist were. And the songs/performances added are worth any price we had to pay. Seriously that may be worth the (mindblowingly expensive) price of admission. So here are all the songs that we said goodbye to on the setlist. Thankfully we can still stream them on Disney +! See a full rundown of everything added and the chaos Paris brought here. 6 Songs Cut From The Eras Tour Setlist

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