20 Charlotte Restaurants Open On Christmas Day

Anyone who has seen the movie A Christmas Story will remember the Chinese restaurant scene when Ralphie and his family find themselves dining on Peking duck after the Bumpus' hounds had devoured their turkey on Christmas Day. These things happen.

Too Early For Turkey?

Thanksgiving. My favorite fat girl day of the year. Even if I don't spend the holiday with family or friends, I will cook myself a Thanksgiving feast. I love it.

Enjoy A Car-Free Charlotte During 'Open Streets 704'

Imagine riding your bike or even walking down the middle of a busy Charlotte street without having to worry about any cars or trucks. That's the idea behind the biannualĀ Open Streets 704 and the Spring 2018 edition is happening on Sunday, April 29th, 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

Top 10 Greek Food Favorites

My youngest son's soccer team had a game on Sunday against a squad comprised almost exclusively of boys of Greek descent. The Greek kids were good. They showed some serious soccer skills, and on top of that, they spoke Greek to each other on the field. Our boys didn't know what they were saying. It's…