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Yesterday, Mel and I were talking about the 2012 movie The Guilt Trip, in which Seth Rogen plays a young man who invites his widowed, overbearing, but well-meaning mother, played by Barbra Streisand, to drive across the country with him because he’s worried that she’s lonely. All the while, the dutiful, guilt-ridden son is trying to make sales. You see, the 3,000 miles of familial bonding is also a business trip. Spoiler Alert (as if you couldn’t figure it out): Mom does lots of funny things that embarrass her son in front of clients, and nearly everyone else they meet but, in the end, there’s a heartfelt Hollywood resolution and they become closer than ever.

Earlier this year, journalist and media personality Sian-Pierre Regis went on a real-life “guilt trip” with his mother. However, his guilt was not born out of cinematic comedy. Sian-Pierre felt guilty for how ungrateful he had been as a child, having given his mother plenty of grief about their lack of means. Rebecca Danigelis had done the best she could as a single parent cleaning hotel rooms. But when she lost that job, her son decided to make up for his childhood ingratitude and take his mom on the adventure of a lifetime.