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Tax season opens February 12th to start filing your 2020 tax returns for your 2021 refund. After interviewing the IRS Communications Director, Luis D. Garcia, I needed to share all the good news. Did you know you can file your taxes free of charge if you earn less than $72,000? Yes, file free, here. I must say that when you Google “file taxes free,” there’s lots of click bait out there so make sure you visit IRS.GOV to file free. I’ll keep sharing the good news monthly so you can stay ahead and file on time. Best way to file? Electronically, because using regular mail is definitely a longer process.

Ask your preparer about the income tax income credit!!!!!!!!!!!!! You might be getting up to $6,000, depending on your circumstances. Since stay at home order, layoffs and life happening, you might have moved. Here’s how to change your address with the IRS.

When using a tax preparer to file your taxes they NEED to have a PT ID Number issued by the IRS. If the IRS questions your tax return, you need your tax preparer to represent you correctly. Check the status of your stimulus check, here. Direct Pay with your bank account, here.

Tax Credits: Child Tax Credit is worth $2,000 per qualifying child, and households can claim the child tax credit for every child who qualifies. For example, if you have three children 16 or under, you can take a child tax credit of $6,000.

Got questions about your Economic Impact Payment? Call 800-919-9835.

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