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The main reason I ended up in radio is because of my love for music. In the 80’s I became a massive rock fan. MTV was on constantly at my house and I rarely missed a “Headbanger’s Ball.”

Last night I had a dream that Sebastian Bach, the former lead singer of the band Skid Row, was my hairdresser. NO idea why I had this dream! Totally random! The dream made me think back to the first time I saw the band Skid Row.

Charlotte radio in the 1980’s didn’t play a lot of rock. I’m not sure why, they just didn’t so almost all of the bands I fell in love with I saw on MTV. Skid Row was one of those bands. The band formed in 1986 in Toms River, New Jersey. That’s where many of my family members live and I remember my cousin Howie telling me about the band. Their videos started popping up on MTV in the late 80’s and the band’s first album “Skid Row” came out in 1989. The tune “Youth Gone Wild” quickly became one of my ‘crank it to 11’ tunes.

Bon Jovi was one of my favorite bands in the 1980’s. Jon Bon Jovi made me swooney! I know I’m not the only one. Anytime Bon Jovi toured and came to Charlotte, I was there. The first time I saw Skid Row live they opened for Bon Jovi. It was the 19880-1989 ‘The Jersey Syndicate Tour’ promoting Bon Jovi’s “New Jersey” album.  The show was at the old school Charlotte Coliseum on Independence. If you grew up in this area, you know exactly how amazing that place was. Great memories!

Skid Row came out and I’ll never forget seeing Sebastian Bach on stage for the first time. Tall, long blonde hair, and gorgeous! I can still remember their performance. Although my seats weren’t great, I was floored by Sebastian Bach’s presence on the stage.

When the band performed the tune “Rattlesnake Shake” I was entranced. That performance is one that will always be with me. The combination of the guitar and tall, hair swinging, hot Sebastian left me breathless. There was something about the way Sebastian sang the tune and commanded the stage. I couldn’t take my eyes off him!

After that tour, I tried to make sure to see Skid Row anytime they hit town. And to this day, “Rattlesnake Shake” is one of my favorite tunes from the band. Anytime I hear it I immediately flashback to their 1989 performance. Good stuff!

There’s no video for “Rattlesnake Shake” but I’ve posted the tune below along with a live video for “Youth Gone Wild.” It’s hard to take your eyes off Sebastian! I hope this brings you 80’s smiles!