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Gerber Looking For Next Big Baby Star

If your child or grandchild is adorable (and aren't they all) they might have what it takes to be the next Gerber baby star! According to USA Today, you can now enter your child into the 2024 Gerber Baby Photo Search. The contest started on Tuesday, April 30th. This is the company's 14th annual photo search to find its national 'spokesbaby'. The iconic baby food brand is known for their cute baby picture on the jars/packages as much as they are known for their products. Photo by Fred Morley/Fox Photos/Getty Images In addition to becoming photo famous, the winning baby receives $25,000 as a grand prize. Not too shabby! This money can help with all types of things, as we all know raising kids is expensive. Or you can use the money to start a college fund. It's up to you! This year the company is giving more prizes away than just the grand prize. 10 additional babies will be chosen to receive prizes. Being The Gerber Baby Is An Honor Gerber has been around since 1927, creating nutritious foods for babies. As the years have passed, the company's baby line has only grown. Although I don't have kids, I have used the baby food. When my dog Gypsy was ill, I started cooking for her for the last few years of her life. I'd add baby food into the food I made so that she could eat fruits and veggies. She loved it! The original Gerber Baby was Ann Turner Cook, who was born in 1926. She became the model for the brand and has appeared on the company's food packages for years and years. When entering the competition, remember that you don't need a 'perfect' photo. The company looks for a great smile, but a fun personality is always a bonus. Silliness and total cuteness go a long way. The photo contest ends on May 24, so get those entries in here. You can submit pictures and videos of kids up to 4 years old for a chance at the 2024 win. And good luck!

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