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Latest Jimmy Buffett Video Shows How Much He Loved Dogs

After giving the world multiple decades-worth of beloved songs and creating an entire subculture, Jimmy Buffett died on September 1, 2023 of Merkel cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer. He was 76. Fortunately, Parrot Heads everywhere have had a chance to hear their spiritual leader sing one more time. On top of that, there's a new Jimmy Buffett video to enjoy! Jimmy Buffett's final album, Equal Strain on All Parts, was released posthumously on November 3rd. The 14-track collection includes a bouncy song called "Like My Dog." The lyrics are written from the point a view of a guy asking his partner to love him as much as his dog does. However, the music video is more literal. It's a touching fan montage of how dogs improve people's lives. Buffett was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel lover and we see that in the new video. It features photos and clips of Jimmy with his dogs along with poodles, pit bulls, beagles, blue heelers, and mutts of all shapes and sizes. The whole thing is both heartwarming and entertaining. But there's also another purpose behind the new Jimmy Buffett video. According to Taste of Country, it promotes shelter and rescue adoption over breeder purchases in cooperation with the ASPCA. Jimmy Buffett - "Like My Dog" [embed][/embed]  

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