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Phil is on vacation until Wednesday which means I’m in the studio solo today. Usually when Phil is gone, I focus on writing blogs or I look for stories for the next day. Today I was writing a blog and the song “Cherry Bomb” by John Mellencamp came on. Now, I’ve heard that songs 100’s of times but for whatever reason, the lyrics hit me today.

Maybe it’s because of what’s going on in the world right now, or maybe it’s because my body is starting to age. Whatever the reason, today the lyrics: “17 has turned 35
I’m surprised that we’re still livin’. If we’ve done any harm, I hope that we’re forgiven” just hit me hard. Obviously I’m over the age of 35, but I got very nostalgic today when I heard that line.

I’ve definitely been paying too much attention to what’s happening in the Ukraine. Seeing pictures and reading stories is breaking my heart and truth told, the whole situation is scary.

I’m not a therapist, but my guess is that I became so nostalgic hearing that song because I miss the carefree days of my youth. Remember when you were 16/17 years old and you were only concerned about your own little world? The biggest problem many of us had was trying to figure out weekend plans. We were rarely concerned with the big world and it’s happenings. There was no internet, so it was so much easier to ignore all the bad in the world. Damn! I miss those days! LOL! Being rebellious, hanging out with friends, and going to concerts. Good times!

Just that one line in the song took me back to a fun time with very few worries. Funny how music can transport you back to a particular time or situation. I’ll admit I miss those days. Some days I miss them more than others. As the famous saying by George Bernard Shaw goes: “The youth is wasted on the young”. So true!