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Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

I am a massive fan of Van Halen, especially old school Van Halen. In my opinion, ya just can’t beat 1978-1984 Van Halen. The combo of David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen was just amazing! I’m still trying to get over the death of Eddie Van Halen. That said, I like the Sammy Hagar/Van Halen too. On Saturday the Ohio State Band University Spring Athletic Band paid tribute to Van Halen and it is absolutely awesome!

The Ohio State University Spring Athletic Band, not to be confused with the Ohio State University Marching Band, shared a time-lapse video of the halftime routine. Unlike the Marching Band, the Athletic Band is “an open-enrollment ensemble, meaning anyone is welcome to participate,” according to Yahoo. The marching band delivered a Rush tribute in Oct. 2021 that is also rockin’!

In addition to brassy renditions of Van Halen’s “Runnin’ With the Devil,” “Dreams,” “Panama” and “Jump,” the Ohio State University Spring Athletic Band also created complex formations on the football field,. The hundreds of band members arranged themselves to make the band’s “VH” logo as well as “1984,””JUMP” (complete with jumping stick figures), “VAN HALEN” and more during the seven-minute performance. I won’t lie, when they formed “Van Halen” I got chills!
Congrats to the band for putting on a kick-ass show! I love it! And I love that these younger folks appreciate the classic Van Halen.  This is truly impressive! This gets a “Go Bucks” from me!