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I’m one of those people that makes their bed every day. I had to do it as a kid, and since then I just do it daily. But there’s a reason why you may wanna wait to make your bed for a bit after you wake up.

Lots of experts agree that making your bed can lower your stress and set you up with a feeling of accomplishment right when you start your day. BUT, you should wait at least an hour to make it.

According to WCNC, research out of Kingston University London found that dust mites thrive in dark damp spaces in your bed. If you sweat at night, and make your bed right when you get up, you trap that moisture in the sheets allowing dust mites to thrive. Yuck!

We share our beds with millions of dust mites, so waiting an hour to make your bed will allow the moisture to dry, reducing those dust mites. This can help those who suffer from allergies and asthma.

My allergies have been horrible this year AND Kramer and Eddy sleep with me. They are both shedding ridiculously bad this year so I know that’s not helping. And I’m extremely allergic to dust so I will now WAIT to make my bed. If that will reduce the amount of nasty dust mites, I’ll wait!

Those of you that know me well know that I’ll now be spraying Lysol in my bed daily, cause I’m crazy!