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Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

Monday’s are rough. Even if you had a fabulous weekend, you love your job, and all is well in your life, Monday’s are still rough. There is no question that this video will lift your spirits. A video has gone viral of a toddler telling a jogger to slow down, and it is hilarious.

TikToker Marlena @casa_marlena, is a mom and a design enthusiast. According to Yahoo, she often shares clips featuring her two sons on her page. Recently, she posted a video of one of her kids pleading with a jogger to slow down, and people are losing it!

In the video, you see Marlena’s husband and toddler heading out the front door of their house. Both are dressed for the cold and carrying hockey sticks. Just as the toddler goes down the steps, he sees someone jogging past their house.

This little guy holds his hand out to the side before telling the jogger to “Slow down!” As the jogger continues running, the toddler becomes upset they didn’t listen. He shouts, “SLOW DOWN”, and starts running after them with his hockey stick in his hand. It is beyond funny!

I am guessing that this little boy has heard his parents say, “Slow down” to cars going too fast in their neighborhood or in their town. The seriousness of this kid is awesome!

Enjoy! I promise this will make you smile!