Back to school is here! Although we enjoy watching our children prepare for their return to school, it is also time for drivers to prepare for the return of school buses on the road. We have seen many districts across the country focus on safety for students while getting on and off a school bus and while commuting to and from school. With the increase of traffic as buses return to the roads, South Carolina is hoping their new extra precaution will help this school year.

WCNC reports that some South Carolina school buses will now have a 360-degree camera to help drivers with their blindspots while on the road. South Carolina Highway Patrol’s main focus is to allow bus drivers to get students on and off their buses safely. The new camera feature will help alert bus drivers as to what is surrounding their bus at all times. The technology will also help allow students to cross the street safely, says WCNC. The new buses also have newer safety features such as seats closer together, higher back seats padded at the top, and more.

If you are unsure about when to stop for buses, here are the rules you should be sure to follow from now on:

  • Two-lane road: all cars required to stop
  • Multiple lane highways: only cars traveling the same direction as the bus are required to stop

As children return back to school, we hope everyone is precautious and pays attention to the little ones entering and exiting their school buses this year.

Source: WCNC